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Down in Lunenburg
Scenes of HomeJanet Rae
RumScenes of HomeHank Middleton
Mistress To The SeaScenes of HomeSharon Jackson
Eagle WingsMiddletunesSharon Jackson
If I Told You SoMidddletunesSharon Jackson
Corporal DavisMiddletunesHank Middleton
StanMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Be What You Want To BeMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Another Place And TimeMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Bluenose, Catch The WindMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Sailing AwayMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Chedabucto BayDEMOHank Middleton
Fair & Pleasant IsleDEMOHank Middleton
North Wind -Coming SoonWilneff/Middleton 45David Wilneff
Wallin’ Again – Coming SoonWilneff/Middleton 45David Wilneff
Beating My Head Against the WallMiddletunes II: MessagesGaye Middleton
Channeling Old Bob WillsDEMOHank Middleton
Scenes Of HomeScenes of HomeDavid Bell
Introspective SongsMiddletunesHank Middleton
TrainsMiddletunes II: MessagesDavid Bell
She Had Her ReasonsMiddletunes II: MessagesGaye Middleton
I Won’t Go HuntingMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
You Can’t Live Life Over AgainScenes of HomeVonda Laffin
Every Single DayMiddletunesHank Middleton
I don’t Want to Sing the BluesMiddletunesHank Middleton
You Can’t Go BackMiddletunesHank Middleton
Shame On TwoMiddletunesHank Middleton
LuckyMiddletunesHank Middleton
Join The ChorusMiddletunesJanet Rae
Rainy AfternoonMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Shining Down On MeMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Renaissance ManMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Calm Before The StormDEMOHank Middleton
Play Those Old Songs AgainDEMOHank Middleton
I Ain’t Gonna WorryDEMOHank Middleton
We All Get The Blues SometimesDEMOHank Middleton
Rock/Rock and Roll
OverdriveMiddletunesDarren Arsenault
Crazy With A GunMiddletunes II: MessagesStewart Franck
LostMiddletunes II: MessagesPat Thompson
Western LullabyMiddletunes II: MessagesArt Cole
Play IT Three TimesMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Old BoysMiddletunes II: MessagesStewart Franck
Nova Scotia StrongDEMOHank Middleton
Let It GoScenes of HomeHank Middleton
The FiddlerScenes of Home David Bell
Olde Fashioned WaltzScenes of HomeJanet Rae
Highland HomeMiddletunesJohn Barr
Ode To The IslandMiddletunesGaye Middleton
Summer In the MaritimesMiddletunesGaye Middleton
Canada’s Ocean PlaygroundMiddletunes III (title track)Hank Middleton
Me And My FiddleMiddletunes IIIGaye Middleton
Highlanders Hope Middletunes IIIJohn Barr
Sunshine MorningScenes of HomeSharon Jackson
Looking For An InspirationMiddletunesHank Middleton
I Just Had to Write This Song….MiddletunesJohn Barr
Time FliesMidletunes II: MessagesJohn Barr
Song of ThanksMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
Pouring RainMiddletunes II: MessagesJohn Barr
The Beautiful South Shore Middletunes IIISharon Jackson
HomeMiddletunes IIIJohn Barr
On This DayMiddletunes IIISharon Jackson
The MinerMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Seventeen AgainMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
C’est la vie en AcadieScenes of Home Hank Middleton
LouisianeMiddletunesHank Middleton
Cafe des AmisMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
L’Ours chantant/Singing BearMiddletunes II: MessagesHank Middleton
La Swing de l’AcadieMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
La Lettre de Grand-MereMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Acadian Fire/ Feu acadianMiddletunes IIIHank Middleton
Noel En AcadieOur Gifts We Share This
Christmas Compilation
Hank Middleton
Allons Dancer Au ZydecoDEMOHank Middleton
Je Gagne Ma Vie Sur La MerDEMOHank Middleton
Le Rap E PieDEMOHank Middleton
East Coast Instrumentals
Homage aux ilotsMiddletunes
On Another ShoreMiddletunes
Tunes Without a FiddleMiddletunes II: Messages
Leprechaun JigDEMO
Other Instrumentals
Leanne’s ThemeDEMO
Stolen LivesDEMO